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                Princess Anne Hills Civic League, Incorporated



FEBRUARY 13, 2011


The name of this association is the Princess Anne Hills Civic League, Incorporated. The League is an organization for the home owners of Princess Anne Hills Park, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451.


The purpose of the League is to promote and preserve the general welfare of the residents of Princess Anne Hills Park (defined as “Princess Anne Hills, Sections A, B, C and D”, and “Princess Anne Hills Park”, plats of which property are recorded in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia.)  The duty of the League is to protect and encourage pride in the community through enforcement of Princess Anne Hills’ covenants, conditions and restrictions and all amendments to protect the value and desirability of properties.


All residents or property owners, in Princess Anne Hills shall be eligible for membership, provided, however, that each family applying for membership shall be subject to one membership fee and entitled to one vote per residence.


            The payment of annual dues is strongly encouraged to support the activities of the Civic League.  They are renewable each year at the annual meeting and the amount of which is subject to the determination of the Board of Directors.  The 2011 dues are $30.00.  A copy of the Princess Anne Hills directory is available to dues paying members.



The Civic League shall have four officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer to be elected by the membership at the annual meeting each year in a manner hereinafter prescribed.  The President and the Vice-President shall serve for a term of two years, but may be re-elected for an additional one year term.  After being absent from office for at least one year, they may again be eligible to hold office.  The Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected to serve for one year, and may be re-elected with no term limitation. (See Appendixes A, B, and C for officer duties and responsibilities.)


The administration of the League shall be vested in a Board of Directors consisting of the four officers plus a representative from each section of Princess Anne Hills, namely Goodspeed Road (Section “A”), Discovery Road and tributaries consisting of Discovery Circle, Discovery Lane, Discovery Crescent, Whitehaven Lane, Whitehaven Road, and Gosnold Court (Section “B”), and Susan Constant Drive (Sections “C” and “D”).  These Section Representative board members shall also be elected at the annual meeting to serve for a term of two years, but may be re-elected for an additional one or two year term.  After being absent from office for at least one year, these board members again may be eligible to hold office as a board member.   In all instances where term is referred to in this article, it shall begin and end on the date of the annual meeting.  Any vacancies that may occur mid-term shall be filled by the Board of Directors for the remainder of the term involved.  All officers and directors shall serve without compensation of any kind. 


The Board of Directors shall have full control of the management of the League, and in connection therewith, shall have authority to employ counsel and to make duly approved expenditures on behalf of the League.  Any four directors shall constitute a quorum.  Only one officer or director from any one family may be elected to office at any one time. 


Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be at least quarterly, or as agreed upon by a majority of the Board, upon request of the President, or upon request of any three members of the Board.  Reasonable notice of the meetings shall be given.  Meetings of a majority of the Board shall be open to all residents. 


In order to conduct the business of the Civic League, it shall be the duty of the President to appoint committees from time to time.  Among such shall be a nominating committee, appointed in November each year, consisting of three representative members of the League.  The duty of the nominating committee shall be to develop a slate of nominees for the several offices, and report the proposed slate to the Board of Directors at least two weeks prior to the annual meeting.  Then it shall be the duty of the Secretary to communicate this slate to the membership at least one week prior to the annual meeting.  Additional nominations may be made from the floor, so long as such nominee has agreed to be nominated.  Election shall be by the majority of current dues paying members present and/or by proxy on file with the corporation Secretary. 



The President shall convene an annual meeting of the membership on or about the second Sunday in February [not to conflict with the Super Bowl] each year at such time and place as may be designated by the Board of Directors for the transaction of such business that may come before the membership. The agenda for the annual meeting shall be to (a) approve the minutes of the previous meeting; (b) receive the Treasurer’s annual report; (c) receive the annual security report; (d) elect officers and directors for the ensuing year; and (e) any such other business as may be properly presented.


Two weeks written notice of each League meeting shall be given by, or at the direction of the Secretary or person authorized to call the meeting, by mailing or electronically distributing a copy of such notice and placing a portable sign at the 59th Street and 62nd Street entrances to Princess Anne Hills.  Such notice shall specify the place, day and time of the meeting.


Special meetings of the League may be called by the President, or by four directors, or by ten members, upon written notice to the Secretary, stating the object of the meeting.  Notice of special meetings shall be sent electronically, or other written form by the Secretary to each member giving the time, place and object thereof, at least two weeks prior to the appointed date.  The matter of business at such special meeting shall be limited to that stated in the notice. 


A quorum for any meeting of the League shall consist of more than twenty-five percent (25%) of the membership represented in person or by proxy on file with the corporation Secretary and any matter to come before such meeting shall be decided by a majority of those present.


Voting on league matters is open to one representative from each residence in Princess Anne Hills. Members may cast votes by:

a. Voting in person at the League meeting.

b. Voting by proxy provided such proxy is in writing and filed with the Secretary.

c. Absentee owners may provide written proxy authorization to their tenant to vote.


With two weeks prior notice these By-laws may be amended at the annual meetings or at a special meeting called for that purpose, where more than fifty percent (50%) of the membership is represented in person or by proxy.  More than fifty percent of those present or represented by proxy and voting shall be required for the adoption of any amendment.


I certify that I am the duly elected and acting Secretary of the Princess Anne Hills Civic League, Incorporated.  I further certify that the above Bylaws, consisting of four ( 4 ) pages, are the By-laws as adopted by its  Princess Anne Hills membership on _____________, 2011 and that they have not been amended or modified since that date.

Executed on ________________, 2011 at Virginia Beach, Virginia

________________________________     ____________________________________

Signature                                                      Printed Name


Appendix A

Princess Anne Hills Civic League,


Functions and Tasks

President and Vice-President

1.  Ensure renewal of the charter by having the Secretary file certificate with State Corporation Commission and pay fee. (Information will normally be received in October.)

2.  Establish contact with Virginia Beach Council of Civic Organizations.  

3.  Establish contact with North Virginia Beach Civic League and arrange to have our Civic League represented at their meetings. 

4.  Periodically disseminate news of interest to residents of Princess Anne Hills.

5.  Convene a meeting of all officers (Board of Directors) quarterly to take up business that may be pending.

6.  In November, appoint nominating committee to present nominees for offices being vacated at the annual Civic League general meeting.

7.  Make arrangements for a speaker at the annual meeting to be held in mid-February.

8.  Preside at the annual meeting.

9.  Remain knowledgeable about events and proceedings within Princess Anne Hills that pertain to the public domain (state of repair of streets, safety and security of residents and their property, health hazards, water safety and unobstructed navigation on Stratton’s Creek and Crystal Lake).  Initiate corrective action as appropriate.

10.  Ensure that the interests of residents of Princess Anne Hills are considered in proceedings before City Council on matters affecting those interests.

Functions and Tasks


1.  Assist the President in the execution of all tasks of his office.

2.  Act for the President during his absence or in the event of his incapacity

Appendix B

Princess Anne Hills Civic League,


Functions and Tasks


1.  Keep a printed record of the minutes of all meetings, notices, bulletins, letters, etc.

2.  Attend to such other matters as may be designated by the President, the Board of Directors, or the By-Laws.

3.  Maintain a record of residents for mailing list purposes and directory updates. Create an updated directory to be available to residents at the annual meeting.

4.  Send out bulletins twice a year (via e-mail except for residents without e-mail addresses) or more often as needed to address specific concerns. Deliver paper copy to those residents without email addresses.

5.  Make arrangements for the annual meeting to be held in mid-February. Prepare and present minutes from previous year’s annual meeting.

6.  Organize the annual Fall Picnic

7.  Assist the President as requested in the following tasks:

a. Represent Princess Anne Hills Civic League at the meetings of the Virginia           Beach Council of Civic Organizations (CCO) and the North Virginia Beach Civic League.

b. Represent the Civic League at proceedings of the Virginia Beach City Council that may be of concern.

Appendix C

Princess Anne Hills Civic League,


Functions and Tasks


1.  Maintain custody and have charge of the Civic League funds as follows:

a. Deposit annual dues, income, and other funds in a bank designated by the Board of Directors.

b. Make all collection of dues.

c. Pay all bills and invoices as authorized by the President or Vice-President

2.  Maintain a record of membership dues paid by the members.

3.  Keep accounts current and be prepared for an audit at any time.

4.  Report the financial condition of the League at the annual meeting and at any other

     time the Board of Directors may select.

5. Submit required government forms (tax return) and State Corporation Commission annual fees.

6.  Bill all residents for annual dues and send second notices as needed.

  1. 7. Reconcile monthly bank statements.

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